James Vineeth
Business Coach, Author, Philanthropist

100 Hacks for Business Growth

Practical Tools for Entrepreneurs and CXOs to Accelerate Fast Track Growth.

About the Book

In this highly anticipated sequel 100 Hacks for Business Growth, James Vineeth shares practical tools for Entrepreneurs and CXOs to Accelerate Fast Track Growth in their Organizations. The Growth Hacks provided are easy to understand and practical enough to implement and Build a Great Business. James has put the best of his exposure and presented proven methods that have yielded results in his Coaching Practice. 

Within the pages of 100 Hacks for Business Growth, you will gain Wisdom Insights including:

- R.P.R.M.

- Believe in Auto-Pilot Mode

- Identify Limiting Patterns

-Purpose of Existence

- Gamify Your Business

- Make your Website Your Front Office

- LeGroMa

- Holistic Goals for Everyone – The 7F

- Fail Royally and 

- The Two Tools for CXOs.                            

This book is more of a Best Friend for Entrepreneurs and CXOs. It has incredible thoughts and concepts that can be reflected, reviewed and recollected time and again! James Vineeth is a renowned Business Coach, Author and Philanthropist. He coaches Entrepreneurs and CXOs on Scaling-Up, Visionary Leadership, Building Social Influence, High Ticket Sales, Personal Excellence, Growth Hacking & Self Mastery through practical tools from Management, Psychology and his own Wisdom Insights Evolved from a Rich R&D of 15+ Years and a wide Exposure of Coaching in 125+ Categories and Segments of Companies across different Countries!

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Section : Mindset of the Top Leadership People

#1 Believe in the Next Level

The very first principle to Grow is to believe that there is a NEXT LEVEL. Businesses fail to progress when the top leaders fail to consider that there is room for improvement. What really makes them to reach this un-resourceful state is a feeling of being overwhelmed. 

Their Conversations are like . . .


  • I am doing too many things.
  • I have to do things myself.
  • You don’t know what I am going through.
  • It’s easy to give ideas and feedbacks.
  • But challenges are many to execute them.
  • I have enough experience to tell you – that it can’t be better than this.


To bring a Massive Transformation in a Team / Organization, believing in the Next Level of Growth is Mandatory. Those who fail to acknowledge the space available for improvement will not only stop working for the Next Level but also make their colleagues to be blinded to those possibilities.



** List down three Areas of Next Level Growth for your Business / Division / Branch


(Imaginary Characters and Situations)


Sam is the Head of Sales.

The Company has three verticals and one of them is not performing well. He thinks his team is doing everything they can to get the best result and yet this particular vertical is not showing Growth.

During Mid-Year Review, CEO and other leaders are confronting Sam about the declined growth of this particular division.

Sam does not see that things can go well.

There is a difference between:


Doing our best and

Assuming that we are doing our best”


“Being Proactive about Growing and

Being Reactive about past Results”


Being open-minded and being Coachable is surely the key to believe in the Next Level of Growth.

#2 Don’t Fulfil Responsibility

Teach your team not to fulfil responsibility. Sounds Strange, isn’t it?

Yes. Organizations don’t Grow when people fulfil only their responsibility – Stagnated and not Growing. (Survival Mode)

The point is fulfilling responsibility is just not enough. We need to Coach our Leaders to “Take Responsibility” and go the Extra Mile.


We need to Orient our team about the differences between


Fulfilling Responsibility


Taking Responsibility


Great leaders are created when they stand-up, step-up, take greater responsibilities and shoulder each other for the collective growth of the Organization.

Now that’s called a Growth Culture!

** Time to Train your Team!


(Imaginary Characters and Situations)


There are four Designations in ABC Company.

-  Executive

-  Supervisor

-  Manager

-  Director


Roy joins the team as a Supervisor.

If he thinks working like a Supervisor is just enough for this Growth, then he will be stuck to the role of the Supervisor forever.


He needs to think, act and work like a Manager (Taking Responsibility). This will give him the best learning experience and eventually he will be reaching his next level preparing himself for that role already in advance.

And the journey still continues but working for the Next Level all over again.


Expectation – Promotion First & Action Next

Reality – Action First & Promotion Next


** Train your team to take actions before their Promotion. 

#3 Self-Leadership Mastery



Entrepreneurs and CXOs are leading other leaders to produce results. However, it is essential for them to hit the Mastery level when it comes to how they Lead themselves.


Leadership is all about Inspiring and Influencing. It is vital to Inspire oneself before getting better and Inspiring others.


Here are the 4 Self Leadership Questions every Leader should answer to hit the Mastery level in Self-Leadership.



1.  Will I follow Myself?

(A Straight Yes / No)


2.  Who is My Role Model?

(List the Names / If no existing Role Models skip to the next Question)


3.  What are the Qualities of my Role Model?

(List the Qualities / If no existing Role Models, list the Expected Qualities)


4.  Do I have those Qualities? If not what should I do to develop them?

(This is Your PGP – Personal Growth Plan)

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  • Getting the Systems in Place
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  • Business Leadership
  • Redefining Self
  • Technology & Business
  • Profitability
  • HR systems
  • Business Intelligence
  • Culture
  • Operational Systems
  • Growth Aspects
  • Revenue Generators
  • Habitual Success
  • Holistic Goal Setting and
  • New Paradigm
  • Business in Auto-Pilot Mode . . .

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