James Vineeth
Business Coach, Author, Philanthropist

Business Scale-Up Bootcamp
​Business Transformation - Running Business in Auto Pilot Mode!

For CXO's who are looking to Grow Exponentially yet Systematically !

Businesses are meant to Soar New Heights by Providing Solutions for today’s Problems and having a Strategy to Evolve along with the ever-changing Local Trends and yet maintain Global Standards.

Well, to Empower Entrepreneurs and CXOs to Scale-Up Rapidly, Business Coach James Vineeth has crafted BSB - Business Scale-Up Bootcamp, a 2 Days Intense High Impact Business Transformation Module with 16 Essential Phases to Build a Business that is Poised to Grow in any Economic Condition
#Vision 2035
    • Empower 1 Lakh CXOs to Scale-Up and Run their Business in Auto Pilot Mode
    • Transform 1 Million Leaders through Masterclass and Special Programs
    • Impact 10 Million Lives through Digital Medium

2019 BSB Cities
 BSB Cities and Venues  Chennai
GRT Grand, T. Nagar 


Taj Vivanta, Race Course

To be Announced

to be Announced

To be Announced
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Save Time, Energy & Money

🚀 Save Time

There are 16 Areas that are Essential for Scaling-Up.

It would take at-least 5 to 10 years to Gain those Insights one by one from your Own Breakdowns.

#BSB will give you those insights in an intense 2 Days Bootcamp :)

🚀 Save Energy

Well, if you are interested we can even share those 16 Areas and you can figure them out on your Own. But you need to Spend at least 2 to 4 Weeks in R&D, E Learning to understand the concepts and much more time to develop an implementation plan.

#BSB will do it for you :)


🚀 Save Money

Each Mistake will cost you Money and Growth (Opportunity Loss). Check out for the Next BSB at your City and avail the Early Bird Offer. That will be the best gift you can give your Business for FY.

#BSB can SKYROCKET your Business :)