James Vineeth
Business Coach, Author, Philanthropist

Business Scale-Up Bootcamp - CBE
​Business Transformation - Running Business in Auto Pilot Mode!

For CXO's who are looking to Grow Exponentially yet Systematically !

Who can Attend this Program ?
  • Entrepreneurs who are looking to Scale up Exponentially yet Systematically!
  • Run a Fool Proof Business that is Conditioned to Succeed in all Economic Conditions
  • Run Business based on Systems through Business Automation Technique
  • CXO Level Leaders - CEO, COO, CTO, VP & Heads
  • Young Entrepreneurs taking Over their Family Business
  • First Generation Entrepreneurs / Well Established Entrepreneurs looking for Next Level
  • Business Leaders who are Hungry for Entrepreneur Gyan / Insights
  • CXOs who are Passionate to Learn New Trends & Practical Insights to Implement in Business. 
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Program Outline !
  • The Business Breakthrough Cycle
  • Fire Fighting vs Automated Model
  • The POS Mix for Business Success
  • The 16 PHASES of Scaling-Up
  • Vision Building & Vision Casting
  • Psychometrics, Personality, Behavioural Patterns & Business
  • SWOT for Business and Individual
  • The PSM Model for Business and Individual
  • Entrepreneur Insights -  Mindset & Modern Trends
  • Getting your Numbers Right
  • Purpose of Business Existence
  • HR Automation Systems 
  • Hiring and Firing Automation Process
  • KPI - Business Gamification
  • The Career Ladder Chart
  • Core Values
  • Marketing Automation Systems
  • Finance Automation Systems
  • Profitability Index
  • Business Process Automation (SOPs)
  • Business Mix & Expansion Strategies
  • Automation Execution Templates - Department Wise Implementation
  • Automation Meeting Templates - Business Routines
  • The CEO Life Style

The insights and knowledge shared are coming to you from a rich R&D of 15+ Years and a wide Exposure of Coaching 125+ Categories and Segments of Companies across different Countries!

Program Dates
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Actual Value of the Program : INR 40000

Vision with a Purpose Special Cost : INR 15000

*For Early Bird Coupons, kindly call Ms.Priya 88700 60295

Vision 2035

  • Empower 1 Lakh CXOs to Scale-Up and Run their Business in Auto Pilot Mode
  • Transform 1 Million Leaders through Masterclass and Special Programs
  • Impact 10 Million Lives through Digital Medium

Pricing Policy:

The Business Scale-Up Bootcamp is aimed at Empowering CXOs and Businesses and thus Contribute for Nation Building. Therefore the Pricing systems are designed in a way more CXOs can benefit by attending Individually or Collectively and Transform their Organization.

(Business Partners & CXOs are Encouraged to attend this Program together for fast paced implementation of the Learning.)


Comments  . . .

The training session by James truly motivates our team in all aspects, either it be the interaction and liveliness during the session or the wow experience of making them feel proud and high about their own self and their Organization. We are and will continue referring James to our friends, customers and well wishers to have a life changing game planner / module for their own betterment and development of the Organization.

Vishnu Vardhanan

MD, Saadhan Sadan Group

This is a testimonial for a gentleman for his Coaching and Business pitching capabilities and mostly for his attitude in his profession. Thank you James Vineeth for passing on the positive attitude of yours to our Staff and Management. We will be achieving more through your motivation. Ever thanking Staffs and Management of Norton group of Companies.

Pradeep Subramanian

MD, Norton Industries

I have attended a workshop conducted by Mr.James Vineeth. Right after the session I was heading a regional meeting in our company and I was already realising the benefits from the workshop in terms of delivering and conducting the meeting with utmost clarity of thoughts and speech. Mr.James is such a motivation and a powerful influence in his trainings. I strongly believe that he would be a valuable training partner for any Organization.

Giri Prasad Kanagaraj 


James, The Revelation Consultant is a real communicator! He knows how to tackle whom in the right way, as i was invited for one of his workshop, i went without any big expectations, but when i went in the whole floor is so active that every one is participating and it’s his real talent that he made everyone to talk, to communicate without shy and fear of the public. You are a great leader James Vineeth! I know these words are too short to praise you but still i just wanted to highlight your dedication to make your friends earn money by giving educating them to give the right Business Pitch. Great job & Keep going !!

Sabarinath B

MD, Sri Sabari Jewellery

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