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Building Legendary Leaders
​Leadership Excellence Masterclass - CHENNAI

Create a Leadership Culture in your Organization and Build Leaders who will Transform your Team!

Core Contents of the Masterclass

Course Contents:

  • Leadership in Action – A Practical Insight
  • The 3D Model of an Influential and Inspiring Leader
  • Breaking Barriers to Reach the Next Level
  • What is stopping my Promotion?
  • The Three Levels of Leadership
  • Team Dynamics
  • ABC Grading of your Team Members
  • The 5 Viruses of a Team (Identifying and Treating them)
  • Creating an AFOOFA Team
  • Visionary Leadership
  • Filters in Relationship – Identifying, Changing, Mastering
  • Best Practices in Delegating Task
  • Task Management – The 21st Century Success Tool
  • Identifying Drives of Members in a Team
  • Leading the Millennials
  • Transactional Analysis – Overview
  • NLP Insights to Coach your Team Members
  • Building a Results Driven Positive Eco System
  • Graduation Ceremony to be scheduled post successful implementation of the Action Plan
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Vision 2035

  • Empower 1 Lakh CXOs to Scale-Up and Run their Business in Auto Pilot Mode
  • Transform 1 Million Leaders through Masterclass and Special Programs
  • Impact 10 Million Lives through Digital Medium

Pricing Policy:

Our  Masterclass Programs are run as a Social Initiative to contribute towards Nation Building and Hence our Pricing Systems are designed to reach out to more number of Poeople :)

Glimpses from our Sales Masterclass

Testimonials  . . .

James, The Revelation Consultant is a real communicator! He knows how to tackle whom in the right way, as i was invited for one of his workshop, i went without any big expectations, but when i went in the whole floor is so active that every one is participating and it’s his real talent that he made everyone to talk, to communicate without shy and fear of the public. You are a great leader James Vineeth! I know these words are too short to praise you but still i just wanted to highlight your dedication to make your friends earn money by giving educating them to give the right Business Pitch. Great job & Keep going !!

Sabarinath B

MD, Sri Sabari Jewellery, President, The Coimbatore Jewellers Association

This is a testimonial for a gentleman for his Coaching and Business pitching capabilities and mostly for his attitude in his profession. Thank you James Vineeth for passing on the positive attitude of yours to our Staff and Management. We will be achieving more through your motivation. Ever thanking Staffs and Management of Norton group of Companies.

Pradeep Subramanian

MD, Norton Industries

We here by appreciate Mr. James Vineeth for giving an excellent support in training our entire team and taking them to the next level. Before we got into the process of training, our marketing team were struggling in Presentation and Increasing Sales. Within a short span, our they were able to deliver things in a better way. The efforts taken by Mr. James, to train our team is extremely good. Now our team is really looking good in their attitude and committed to their work. We, honestly appreciate Mr. James for giving us a wonderful training to our team. Hence forth, we strongly recommend him to all of our customer and our business friends.

Jagadish Kumar M

MD, Focusing Energy Systems (SUNLIT SOLAR)

Dear James, I have attended many Seminars but the Workshop  conducted by you on the 6th Aug 15 at Metro Inn was Extraordinary. Participation of all members in smaller groups was novel and to be appreciated. Timing and topics covered with examples were also relevant to the topic. I shall recommend you to friends and colleagues. Wishing you all the best for a bright future.

Senthil Ranganathan

Senior Manager Commercial, Emerald Jewellery Retail Ltd

The training session by James truly motivates our team in all aspects, either it be the interaction and liveliness during the session or the wow experience of making them feel proud and high about their own self and their Organization. We are and will continue referring James to our friends, customers and well wishers to have a life changing game planner / module for their own betterment and development of the Organization.

Vishnu Vardhanan

MD, Saadhan Sadan Group

James is the first person to conduct training session in Metropark Inn for our staff. There is no words to share about the impact of training.  The next day morning, one of our staff came to me and expressed how he was benefitted and that he is fully motivated to achieve his Goals. James has power to do such wonders in many companies and I can strongly recommend him.

Aravind M

MD, Metro Park Inn


Take the LEAD. Join the Program . . .

I attended James’s program assuming it to be another routine training. To my astonishment, we were made fully involved into the program within minutes. All participants stood up boldly with new ideas. He made us sit with full comfort and involvement through ought the program.

Shivkumar S

MD, Astra Services

I have attended a workshop conducted by Mr.James Vineeth at Hotel Metro Park Inn, Coimbatore. Right after the session I was heading a regional meeting in our company and I was already realising the benefits from the workshop in terms of delivering and conducting the meeting with utmost clarity of thoughts and speech. Mr.James is such a motivation and a powerful influence in his trainings. I strongly believe that he would be a valuable training partner for any Organization.

Giri Prasad Kanagaraj 


I have attended many training programs but James Vineeth’s  Workshop is  Excellent. He made me to talk in stage without fear and shy. It really motivated me and how to face audience while giving presentation. James Vineeth is really great leader and motivator. I wish him all success in future endeavours .

Rajasekar RK

CEO, Creative Point Mobility and Email Solutions

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