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Business Coach, Author, Philanthropist


Terms and Conditions

Clients can Purchase our Digital Courses and Coaching Bundles during our Webinars, LIVE Sessions and and directly from our Website as well. Since these are digital courses clients will be having an access to their course materials even beyond the duration of the Course. However, Revelation Management Consulting has all the rights to stop the access once the Course duration is Complete.

Since these are Digital Products and can be consumed right after the Purchase, there will be no Refunds or Cancellations for the Purchases made. Which is why we offer Mini Courses and related Business and Organization Growth so customers can go through our modules and then make an informed purchase decision!

James Vineeth is the CEO of “Revelation Management Consulting (I) Pvt Ltd”. Therefore all payments made will be accounted to the said Company.

Photographs of Live Events / Video Testimonials from clients will be used as and when needed in Social Media / Print Format to present the Credibility of the Program.

HBG - Customers will have access to recording of the Holistic Business Growth Program for a period of Two Weeks. The videos will be refreshed as we run new batches and updated recordings will be added to the Course Section at GFI Learning Portal.

GFI Membership : This is purely an Entrepreneur Development Platform. Since the information we give are highly consumable within few seconds of the payments being made, there will be no returns / refunds.

The GFI Membership is for the respective Individual. The learning management system also tracks the learning progress of the individual. The credentials are not to be disclosed to others in your Organisation or friends as that will become as policy violation. The GFI membership is not transferrable to others.

The GFI Membership duration is for One Year Only. (However for a few members, during their time of joining, we have offered Lifetime Memberships and 10 Years memberships. Such members will have access to GFI Learning, GFI Community and GFI Chapters for the said period of time). The first 500 Members were offered Lifetime Memberships. From 501st member till 31st Jan 2023, 10 years membership was offered. From 1st Feb 2023, the GFI Membership is offered for a period of 5 Years.

In cases where the Member is not participating actively in the learning process, missing to attend Weekly coaching events, Monthly Chapter Events and becoming inactive for more that 6 Months, the membership can become void / expired.

In cases where a Member is found violating GFI Policies such as Posting Hate Comments in our Platforms, Sharing Discriminating Views, Breaching and miss using of GFI Members database, Promoting other Platforms here, the membership will be cancelled and the respective member will be blacklisted from joining in GFI again.


Pricing Policy

The Cost for Signature Courses such as "Holistic Business Growth", “Business Scale-Up Blueprint", "Auto-Pilot Application Challenge", will vary according to the Marketing Platform and Target Audience in Correlation to the Operating Expenses of GFI. Discount Coupons will be rolled our during the Courses / Webinar or Marketing Campaigns and participants can avail the same during the stipulated time. The discounts and offers will always vary from person to person such as becoming a GFI member directly from the Website, becoming a GFI members from a Webinar or Course and, becoming a GFI member from a Special link shared on Social Media.


Privacy Policy

The Names and Demographic information about the Registrants and Participants will be kept confidential within the Company.

You will receive our Newsletters, Events Updates and Learning Content via E Mail and or SMS and can un subscribe from our list whenever needed.

We value your Privacy and your contacts will not be sold to other Businesses.


The modules you are learning belong to our Digital Course Bundles "Holistic Business Growth,  “Business Scale-Up Blueprint” and "APEC - Auto Pilot Execution Challenge". It contains some of the best suggested models, processes and concepts. Some of them are presented raw and some of them are fine-tuned to fit the Indian and International Business Scenario. Periodical Coaching is suggested to get the best results. In case of losses incurred due to improper implementation of the concepts the concern person will be solely responsible.

Confidentiality Notice

The course insights, hand outs and any form of documents, tools and templated shared from our Digital Courses and may contain proprietary information and intellectual property of Revelation Management Consulting India Pvt Ltd. Neither the document nor any of the information contained therein may be copied, reproduced or shared elsewhere without the written consent.