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Dream !

15.01.13 04:14 AM Comment(s) By James Leadership Inc

dreamDREAM. . . To Dream is to Dare And to Dare is to be Courageous! Courage is to walk alone Even when nobody follows you It is to give your all And then give some more.... Do you have a dream? Nothing is as real as a dream! A dream doesn’t make u sleep It gets you out of your sleep It gets you into action... All of us are destined for something What’s your destination? You can call it a purpose or a dream Even though dream is not real in the world It creates reality and becomes real in your world ... When you believe in your dream The world believes in you! When you share it to the world That’s when you breathe life into it! Don’t have a dream because you have to But have a dream coz you want to... A dream will influence what you are today And it’ll shift your actions, emotions, feelings and passions ! When you are inspired by your dream You inspire the world... A dream is not as small as you think And not as big as how you could imagine A dream will pull you out of your collar It’ll make you be what you thought you’d never be! Give life to your dream Give fuel to your actions! Do what you thought you’ll never do and Have what you thought you’d never have... Photoshop_Dream_005116_ A dream is bigger than the biggest challenge Harder than the hardest game and Tougher than the toughest war It’s a bloodless battle that needs ruthless commitment... Are you ready? Coz the world is waiting! Are you waiting for the world to take action? The world is waiting for you to take action... Make your first step and make every step a first step Have faith and jump into the unknown challenge The Almighty will be with you every step of the way ... But remember…… It could be a road less travelled But at the end it will be worth travelling!!! So, Run towards your dream! If you can’t run then walk towards it! If you can’t walk then crawl towards it! And Live like you were born to achieve it... Live your dream because Leaders live their Dreams Now! The biggest gift that you can give to this world is you living your Dream Now. . .  

James Vineeth.M

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