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EVOLVE - The 2016 Theme

03.01.16 08:31 AM Comment(s) By James Leadership Inc

“I am doing my best; I have done my best; this is all I could do, but I am not able to breakthrough into this challenge!” – Have you ever been in this space before?  Well, we’re all going through a situation like this in some area of our life. It could be in the area of relating to people, delegating task, maintaining relationships,  balancing work and life, creating a system / process for you business, making your product a big hit, entering new markets, learning a new skill or anything for that matter. Capture   We could be trying so hard but struggling to breakthrough the same. We could be attempting the same thing again and again and missing it. The reason could just probably be “because we are not only attempting the same thing again and again but also putting in the same kind of efforts again and again”. Yes, if you do again what you did before, you will eventually get the same result. And as simple as this explains us; to get new results, you’ve gotta do different things, try different strategies, take different efforts and find creative interventions to produce results. Because “What got you here, will not get you there”! This is a strangely true statement because at some point in time, we will all hit a level where our winning strategies just won’t work anymore. Such situations are like the crucible or turning point of our life. It is a process where one EVOLVES out to BE something that they have never been before.  A new way of living, a new approach, a new perspective and a new you! By Evolving, you break your comfort Zones, do the unusual, try the untried, find new talents and unleash yourself in a much bigger way. To EVOLVE is a process of searching yourself much deeper, focusing on finding your best potentials and keeping them fueled all the time. If EVOLVE was an acronym, then its explanation would be: Energy – Let the energy flow through you. Let it inspire you and everyone around you. Vision – Dream big, share your Vision, Let it be contagious. Optimistic – Stay positive. Believe in good. Leverage – Get the best out of your Skills and talents. Velocity – Aim at achieving more with less time. Energize – Energize the people around you. Believe in Synergy. I wish the year 2016 will be a year you EVOLVE to take on new challenges in Life.

Love & Respect

James Vineeth

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