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It's all about the People !

10.09.15 03:39 PM Comment(s) By James Leadership Inc

Assets, Money, Balance Sheet, New Clients, New Ventures and the related things drive us so powerfully; that at times we forget to take care of the People in our Lives ! 08July_2

Yes, Creating a legacy for us in this Earth is one thing but earning People in life is another thing! I have always heard a good friend of mine say "Rich is not the Person who has more money; Rich is the Person who has People to stand by him in all situation!". How many of us are rich in that context?

During my early days, i remember by Coach telling me "Touch your subordinate's heart before you can ask for their hand. If you have touched their heart, they'll not just give you their hand but more than that". And we all know this common saying - "Win the Person and not the argument".

So the hidden key to Success, Wealth and Growth is to put People First and really mean it. When your important million dollar client is having an issue and you can help him, you would go all way you can or even more to help him and make him your great friend. The hidden benefit is that you're gonna get huge business orders because you have won their heart genuinely.

Now, just make a list of People whom you think are important in your Life. Starting from your family till your subordinates, superiors, clients and friends. And my request would be to treat everyone of them like a Million Dollar Client. Coz they are capable of adding more value than that to your Life !

This is a funny Question but it has deeper meaning. Who will cry when you die? Just think how many people would celebrate over your death and how many would mourn. Apart from your family and friends, if so many are mourning for you, that's the size of your Powerful Living. When Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam died, the Whole Nation mourned for him. Because he had earned more People than Wealth. He knew People are the real Wealth. What about you ?

Wishing you a more meaning full and People Driven Life.


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