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Purposeful Living !

15.01.13 09:00 PM Comment(s) By James Leadership Inc

Have you ever wondered or dared to ask such questions to yourself? -          Why were you born? -          What is that you want to give back to the world before you leave? -          What is the Purpose of your existence? -          If your life is not an accident, then what can it be? -          How can you make your life worth living?


Discovering the Purpose of your life will answer the Questions of Existence, Significance and its Intention. You will then understand the worth of your life and the impact you can create – if you are willing to create it. You won’t discover your life’s meaning by looking within yourself. You will have to come out of being self centred and look for how you can Make a Difference to the World out there! The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.  A purpose we all have on this earthSomething hidden inside even before our birthGift and abilities we all possessBut getting them out is our greatest testWhere ever you goWhoever you meetWhatever you doThere is a reasonThere is a task on this earth for us to completeAnd it starts the day you and your mom first meetSome know their purpose earlySome know their purpose lateWhatever it is that you have to doI’m sure that you will make it throughOur lives that we live is a testimonyAnd it’s called the reason for livingWhen you understand this, your life gets its meaning... Life in itself has a beautiful design. If everyone had everything, nothing will be shared, nothing will be missed, and there won’t be a chance for you and me to Live a Life of Purpose. Some create a Big Dream or Destiny and think that’s their purpose in life. Watch yourself from being trapped by confusing your personal aspirations and your life’s purpose. Purpose should be the context for your Dream / personal aspirations and not vice versa. Dreams are created while Purpose has to be found. Dreams are achieved but Purpose is to be lived. Dreams are milestones - Once we reach there, we create the next one. But Purpose is like the theme for your Life and it exists in all points. A Dream is what you want to achieve in your life time - Purpose is what you want to gift to the world after your life time. Dream comes from doing and Purpose comes from Being. Take a minute to look around and you will find that so many people need you! Don’t stop there. Ask - what impact will I create in their lives if I act with Purpose? Well if you don’t get any empowering answers you may be having a disease of living life as it goes L If you don’t know your Purpose – Seek for it! Ask and it shall be open to you – Seek and you shall find it! The best way to discover the Purpose of an Invention is to ask the Creator to explain it. Start with God if you are too confused about your Purpose. But for sure you are not an accident and it is not by luck that you are alive today. Your life has a meaning . . . It is ironical to know even great leaders have failed to identify their purpose in life. It is more like a “Dog in the Manger”. Unless you know your purpose, your potentials will not be invested in the right direction. You may miserably fail in life by running behind short term goals and missing the Big Picture and the Race you were Born to Run for! So, discover your Purpose and Run your own Race . . . Don’t wait for the right time, right circumstance or the right opportunity. Act Now – The World needs u! If not you; then who? If not here; then where? If not now; then when?

Make 2013 – A Year of Purpose!

James  Vineeth

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