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Pursue Your Passion

15.01.14 07:40 AM Comment(s) By James Leadership Inc

Life in itself has a beautiful design to it!  No matter which social class we belong to, we always had the option to Love what we did or to do what we Loved. Most successful people have said that success is not only about getting where you wanted to be; but it is also about enjoying every step you take forward with so much of inspiration and determination. Yes life isn’t about the destination – it is about the Journey. So hold on – Are you enjoying your Journey here??? We (STG) had different themes before - related to Belongingness, Dreams, Purpose and more.  But we’ve noticed that people around us are so busy chasing their life and it doesn’t stop there. Further, we find people being busy with work, no time for family, no time do their extra work, no time for workouts and no time for self. . .  As the famous saying goes “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.


Guess what – were okay if you love your profession so much. But a recent survey states that over 70% of employees at work place are “not engaged” or “actively disengaged”. The root cause for this could just be as simple as “not doing what they love” or “not loving what they do”. As you can see, there are two simple steps to celebrate life. -          To find / invent a job you love (Do what you Love) -          Find ways and means to make life interesting. It’s more like taking your first step and making every step you first step! (Love what you Do) Yes – Understand your own passions better. This is not only with your work / career. What about the other things you are passionate about? -          Explore the best places on Earth -          Participate in a marathon -          Take a swim in the Ocean -          Write your own blog regularly -          Read! -          Spend a day with your family -          Celebrate a day with your colleagues -          Find time for your grand parents -          Take part in your friend’s wedding -          Burn those xxx calories everyday -          Finish that Music class -          Dance when you want to -          Stitch your own clothes once -          Try cooking that new dish. Rather just try cooking ! -          And yeah – At least remember to celebrate your Birthday J -          The list goes on  . . . . . . . . . . . . So this 2014 – Pledge to yourself to “Puruse your Passion”. The greatest gift that you can give yourself is to do what you are passionate about. Because . . . Passion is Life, I totally agree Passion is strive for what we believe Passion will make us give our all So Chase your Dreams and stand tall Follow your passion and success will follow you!   When you take up a mission with passion There are no dreams too large No innovation unimaginable No frontiers beyond reach Follow your passion and success will follow you! There is no end and there is no beginning There is only the passion of life Passion is universal humanity Passion is the genesis of genius Follow your passion and success will follow you! Not pursuing your Passion is like consuming slow poison and hoping you’ll be alright. Life is NOW. Success is NOW. Live each moment and live life king size!

2014 – A Year to Pursue your Passion


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