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The 3Ds for Victorious Living

04.03.16 07:57 AM Comment(s) By James Leadership Inc

There are many things we can do to win in Life. Here is a very practical three step process to create a Life, full of Victory.
  1. Dare
Dare! A Daring attitude will take you places in life. In other words you can call it boldness or Courage. Different people define Daring in different styles. For some, it could be exploring a new Country all alone. For some, it could be ready to fight for the right and the list goes on. But my definition of Dare is “Doing what you Love”. 1Nov_2.jpg What is the biggest fear of all of humanity? We may think it is death, failure, rejection, etc. But if you dig deep into all those thoughts, you’ll find it is the fear of people. It is not just “What others will talk about me” but goes further to a point of “What others will think of me”. This is nothing new, but I’m inviting you to give your serious attention to this fear of looking good. If only you overcome this fear, will you be able to be the real you! Trust me on this, it’s not all that fun to lose your originality for others and eventually lose your satisfaction in Life. There is a famous line and it goes like this “When was the last time, you did something for the first time?” Our life has a routine and we pretty much re-do and re-live our yesterdays, past weeks, months and years. So where is the thrill, joy and fun of doing something absolutely new and seeking a different experience in Life? MY intention here is not to make you break your regular routine, instead dare to do creative things within your routine to make life interesting. The fulfilment of Life lies in the crazy things that we do in your regular routine. Most of our time is spent at our Work place and dwelling place. So begin with doing daring things at your work or School or College and then at home as well. Think of those new things you wanted to do, the skills you wanted to develop, giving it a shot during the Cultural to perform your heart out, try cooking, learn to drive and the list goes on. Never miss out on any opportunity. Some people wait for the Opportunity and some people Create it. Be the ones who create chances to exercise Courage in Life. You will be amazed to see and witness for yourself the talents that have been hidden in you.

I am reminded of this Child hood story I listened to during a Sermon. It’s about a Father, Son and a Donkey. They were travelling to their destination. In the first city, people commented “Look at these people. They are not good in Management. Donkey is a resource and it is not carrying anything on it. Recourse under Utilized!” The Father felt so bad and sat on the Donkey. As they moved forward, people in the next City commented “Look at this Man. He is making his poor Child walk and happily sitting on the Donkey.” The Father was disheartened and made his Son sit on the donkey and he walked. As you rightly guessed, people in the next City commented “Look at this naughty boy who doesn’t respect and honour his Father….Both of them sat on the Donkey… In the nest City, People said “Oh Poor Donkey. How Cruel these people are”… And then both of them carried the Donkey and walked… It is anever ending story. But the moral here is “You can never stop people from critisizing you”. Someone or the other is always there to say something about whatever you do. No matter how best you win or how bad you lose. You’ve got to put up with this. As you see in the Cricket matches only 11+11 players along with the refereesplay the game and you have thousands of people enjoying watching from the stadium. Same way in the Game of your life, the Players are only in numbers but the spectators are in multitudes. You really can’t stop by and listen to each and every comment that is being passed. As long as what you do doesn’t hurt anyone just do it and feel the magic of Life.

  1. Differ
The Second most important tool for a Victorious living is differentiating yourself. Don’t always try to fit it. Don’t always follow the masses. Be unique. Stand for what you believe and be excellent in it. Find your best talents. Many people struggle to find their strengths. It could be simply because they don’t Dare in life. When you don’t attempt new things, how will be you be able to unleash yourself in a new way? Find your best talents and use them to make a difference in others’ lives. 7Feb_13.jpg Have you ever wondered why some people work like Crazy for their Companies? The key factor here is “They know what their strengths are and they know that those strengths are being used to contribute towardsthe growth of the Company”. Maslow calls this state as the “Self Actualization State”-Finding your true potential and being the best you can be. Whereas the less involved employees either have not found their strengths or do not use their strengths to make a difference in their work place. The one question every person has to ask is “What do I bring to the table?” If tomorrow you don’t go to your work place or institution, what will people miss out? The better the answer is the grater the difference you are making there!  
  1. Dream
Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam said “Dream is not something that comes when you sleep, but Dream is something that will not let you sleep”. It is your right to Dream and duty to Dream. The Dreams you Dream will define the Destiny of your Life. If you find a person who enters the bus stand, randomly chooses a bus and says to the conductor “Just get me a ticket to any place”, what will you call him? The answers are horrible isn’tit? That is how it is to live without a Dream. “Boss why to plan my life. I will just take as it comes. My Dream is not to have a Dream”. These are some of funny lines I have heard from such clueless and direction less people. As a leader in the making, know where you want to reach in Life and work for it backwards. That is -  “Jot down what you want to Achieve in 10 years;then for the next 5 years, then for the next two years, and then the current year. From there, plan yourmonths, weeks and days”. When you live life backwards, You will have a great conviction that what you are doing today, is taking you to where you want to go in Life. That’s the secret of Victorious Living and Legendary Living. If you don’t have a BIG Dream, you will look so big and there are high chances of being self-obsessed and that may eventually lead to being Egoistic. On the other hand when your Dream is so BIG and Huge, you would look so small and tiny that all your problems will also shrink drastically; Leaving you with an attitude of “Playing Big”. 1Nov_3.jpg Just like the Bus scenario, the person who gets into a bus not knowing where to go will have a stressful journey. He would feel so insecure and be contemplating whether to get down or travel further or switch to another bus. But a person who is clear about his destination and gets into the right bus will have a peaceful journey. He would have plenty of choices like reading a book, taking a nap, listening to music and will enjoy the travel. Relating to this scenario, we are all now travelling in a bus. For some it is a buss called “………..The name of your Company here………..”. If you had got into this bus/job because you dint get any other bus/job, you may be having rough journey and feel so insecure about your future growth. Becoming a non-performer, being okay with missing the targets are symptoms for this. In that case find, out from your Management about the Vision of your Organization. Then have a self-introspection as to where you want to reach in life and make up your mind if you would like to travel in the same bus/job further or define your destination in that long Journey of Growth. Your Dreams and your Organization’s Vision has to go hand in hand. It has to meet somewhere. If that happens, just like the happy and peaceful passenger, will you be able to work with full involvement, being highly creative, producing new results and delivering sheer performance. 9Nov_9.jpg There are two kinds of People. The one who has a Dream and talk about it all the time. (Barking dogs… Seldom Bite). The other kind of people have a dream and do something about it every day. Keep fuelling your Dream with actions it deserve every day. Keep it burning in you. Reality happens twice -  First in your Head when you Dream and Second when you really make it happen. Never under estimate the Power your Dream. It is highly infectious and Contagious. In this Life, we brought nothing but can leave something behind. A legacy. So what’s yours?
Always remember in life to Dare, Differ and Dream.


James Vineeth

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