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The 3 Ps to achieve Superlative Goals

19.01.17 09:51 AM Comment(s) By James Leadership Inc

When you are so determined to achieve what, you want, nothing is too difficult! As we start this New Year, I am pleased to inspire you to keep holding to your dreams and aspirations. Here are the three key factors to break your Superlative Goals into simple steps and achieve them.


Patience is a Virtue. Yes, we all know it and yet we fail to practice patience in life. Today’s life is called as the “Instant Life”. We need instant relief from pain, we want to instantly burn body fat, we want instant Noodles, Instant Coffee, instant mobile Charging and what not? There is no room for Patience in our expectations from life.

We can’t wait to finish high school, can’t wait to get our first job, can’t wait to get married, can’t wait to get promoted as a Manager, can’t wat to buy our new phone, bike, car and more. The more we fail to wait, the more we miss to enjoy our current situation. Before we die, we need to live life! Take a break and think – “Where are we heading to?”. Let me break the harsh truth politely. We are travelling towards death. A very profound statement – isn’t it? Yes – Life, is a Journey by itself. This is such a temporary place for us and if you and I fail to live, laugh and love each day, we would miserably fail to live life and only exist like zombies. It is funny that some people don’t even have the Patience to read through this passage called Patience J But I’m glad you did! So what’s the big deal with having patience? Here are the hidden benefits of practicing Patience…
When you wait patiently for something to happen, you realize why you need it and will prepare yourself to be deserving too. It could be Marriage, Promotion, Valuable Purchase and even the gift of Parenthood. Patience Reveals your true character and intention behind what you want.
When you wait more and more, it becomes less of you and more of God. Because you realize there is very little you can do and leave more space for God to perform miracles. And yes, you would stop complaining and not feel Stressful about Life. Because God is in Control!


Try, Try and Try again. We keep offering such free advice to people and miserably fail to follow it ourselves. Defeat is not when you lose. Defeat when you fail to get back up and try again. Life is not to live without defeats. It is to learn from your mistakes and get back on track to achieve your Dreams. Leaders will find opportunities in every problem and losers will find problems in every opportunity. What are you finding in your Life each day? Knock and it shall be opened to you; ask and it shall be given to you. You just need to keep knocking at different doors and keep asking different people till you find the right door and the right person – That’s Perseverance. Leave no stone unturned! Keep Persevering until people around you point at you as an example of Perseverance. Superlative Goals cannot be achieved without Perseverance. In life when you fall, you learn how to get up! So, dust up your past and keep moving, keep pressing on, keep persevering. One day you will thank yourself for pushing harder to be what you never thought you would be.  


Do what you Love and Love and What you do. Passion is the key to Self-Mastery. There is a famous statement and it goes like this – “Don’t do ten thousand things five times; Do five things, ten thousand times”. We all have the habit of doing the former that the later. Let’s not be scattered in applying our talents to be the jack of all trades. We need to focus our talents on worthwhile Goals, have patience and persevere with great passion. That’s how we can march towards Mastery and Excellence. I have heard great men say – “Good is the enemy of Excellence”. Yes, such excellence is possible only through Passion. Passion is simply taking your first step and then making every step your first step J  It is the process of losing yourself to what you want to achieve with involvement and commitment. It is dedicating yourself to be all that you can be and still love doing it. Passion can chase boredom and monotony out of your life. It can ignite you and re-energize you every time you do something. With Passion, instead of going through situations, you will grow through situations.
I wish this year, you will achieve superlative Goals through Patience, Perseverance and Passion!

Love and Respect

James Vineeth

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