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This too shall pass

24.06.15 03:54 AM Comment(s) By James Leadership Inc

We have all heard such statements “Life has ups and downs”, “Things are unpredictable”, “Never give up”, “don’t quit”. . . Yet when the biggest storm of life hits you; though you haven’t fallen down, you are shaken, terrified and stuck!!!

Most of you would have come across such life changing moments and some of you are yet to experience it. Everything may become still and things around you might look darker than they are. But trust me, that’s not the end of your life. In fact, such moments are the “Life Re-redefining moments”.


Stop spotting out problems in every opportunity and start spotting out opportunities in every problem you come across. Good things happens for good people. Yes, at times you may feel like asking “Why me?”, “I have done only the so called good things for everyone”. But at the end you will know it was worth the learning, worth the experience and God allowed that in your life because you are just more than capable of handling it  (You know when you fall down, you learn how to get up)

Guard your hearts! May you wish for good things for people around you. The blessings you have spoken for others will someday come back to you in a good way. Today if you are facing the most devastating situation in your life, let me gently remind you . . .

“This too shall pass” . . . Remember, it might be stormy now; but it can’t rain forever!

May you be Blessed!


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