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You are on your Own

01.11.14 07:29 PM Comment(s) By James Leadership Inc

You are on your own ! Though this is a profound statement and hard to digest, it is wise to accept the fact that your are on your own. If you research the process of how you were formed, you'll know that you are one successor among a million other competitors - If you know what i mean! And trust me, no one helped for that extra push to gain better swimming power and reach the ovary first :) somedays God's grace is there with you. But if you do not do your part, you are not gonna make it there as the Bible says "A horse is prepared for the day of battle, but victory comes from the LORD". All the people around you can support you and back you up. Your Coach can Coach you; Your Mentor and guide you; Your Well- Wisher can wish you the best; Above all your family can support you and believe in you; But at the end of they day, you have to stand up and step up for what you wanna achieve. As the funny saying goes "No one can eat on your behalf", it is true that no one can take action on your behalf. Even if the world's best Coach is helping you, unless and until you take action, nothing will change. Mahatma Gandhi said "Be the Change you wanna see in the World". Yes, BE that kind of person you desire to be and shake the World. Do not sit and dream all day about what you wanna become. Go out there and make some progress for we know that there are no short cuts for Success. Let the history not say, you were a person with great Dreams; But let the next generation read, that you were a person with great actions !

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