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Will Spa, Salon and Gym Services Grow after Lockdown? 

05.06.20 04:17 PM Comment(s) By James Leadership Inc

🤔 Ask James Series - Micro Blogs . . .

Well, Looking good and Staying healthy is going to be a permanent drive for humanity!

Slowly people will start coming as they get tired of trying things on their own and comes to a point of “Let me go to an Expert”.

But . . . 

🔴 Here are the Questions / Thoughts that will hold them back!

  • Will I be Safe?
  • What if I get infected?
  • Do they follow all kinds of Hygiene Practices?
  • Have anyone in my circle taken these Services and still safe?

Action Points to Boost Customer Confidence and Overcome Competition!

  • Share Customer Engaging Contents
  • Use WhatsApp Broadcasting
  • Use E Mails
  • Use Social Media Posts
  • Release a Message / Poster Listing how Safe it is to Drop in to your Location
  • Share Customer Images and Reviews that builds Hope for others
  • Consider Running Special Offers for your Cream Clients
  • Collaborate with People in Relevant Industry and run Referral Campaigns

🚀 Wishing you Skyrocketing Growth as always.

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