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Will Spa, Salon and Gym Services Grow after Lockdown? 
Action Points to Boost Customer Confidence and Overcome Competition!
05.06.20 04:17 PM - Comment(s)
How to do Sales after Lockdown?
Follow this Simple yet Powerful method to segment your prospects and buld a balanced sales and marketing approach.
28.04.20 07:16 PM - Comment(s)
Beware of Position Driven Leaders
Positional Leaders vs Influential Leaders.
10.09.18 06:35 PM - Comment(s)
When you are so determined to achieve what, you want, nothing is too difficult! As we start this New Year, I am pleased to inspire you to keep holding to your dreams and aspirations. Here are the three key factors to break your Superlative Goals into simple steps and achieve them.



19.01.17 09:51 AM - Comment(s)
There are many things we can do to win in Life. Here is a very practical three step process to create a Life, full of Victory.
  1. Dare
Dare! A Daring attitude will take you places in life. In other words you can call it boldness or Courage. Different people define Daring in different styles. For ...
04.03.16 07:57 AM - Comment(s)